Future Members

If your agency or group has an interest in joining a partnership dedicated to sharing and education about conservation, programing and public service, we would love to explore that new friendship.

Our agency membership fees are quite reasonable. In exchange we ask for support and hard work to further our philosophy and mission. We want to work with you to strengthen our voice; to better our practices; and to form a community dedicated to our joint success.

Membership is not limited to conservation districts. Other agencies which would benefit from our association include;

  • State Agencies
  • Federal Agencies
  • Forest Preserves
  • Private Foundations
  • University Academic Departments and Clubs 
  • Park Districts
  • State Parks
  • Citizen Groups
  • Conservation Organizations

Please feel free to e-mail us or call to discuss joining our group. The body of the current membership will meet to discuss applications and vote on acceptance. All accepted new member organizations hold all the rights and privileges of current members. We want to encourage your input and engagement.

The benefits of officially joining the IACD include:

  • ​Discounted conference fees
  • ​A voting position on the association board of directors
  • ​Workforce and equipment sharing opportunities. Click here

We look forward meeting you and your staff. Join us for a commitment of friends.