• Identify a project in which 20-30 workers can make an impact in 1 1/2-2 days.
  • Have clearly outlined scope of work and task.
  • Identify what equipment other agencies should bring with them- chainsaws, brush cutters, sprayers, forestry mower or other heavy equipment.
  • Be able to provide drinks and food during the Partnership Workforce Program workday(s).
  • Arrange for overnight accommodations or discounted stays at local hotels if possible.
  • Be able to rent or provide equipment as needed which cannot be provided by visiting PWP crews.
  • Remember that due to the unpredictability of prescribed burn days, burns do not make for a good planned PWP workday.
  • As other agencies are busy with burns, burn seasons are not good times for the PWP.‚Äč 
  • Submit your detailed project plan including dates, scope of work, equipment needed, maps and goals to the PWP committee by:
    • February 1st for spring or summer projects 
    • August 1st for fall or winter projects

The Partnership Workforce Program is free to IACD member agencies. It works if each agency is able and willing to send help on designated work days. Currently we plan on awarding and conducting two PWP events per year. The Partnership Workforce Program is one of the many benefits of partnership and agency membership in the Illinois Association of Conservation Districts.

The IACD believes in success through our partnership. That success is tangible through our hard work; the sore back, sweaty, buggy kind of hard work. We also understand that our task sometimes is daunting and that if we just had more boots on the ground, or more equipment, we could make rewarding, long term progress. This is the philosophy of the Partnership Workforce Program. The PWP is a program open to IACD member agencies by which the professional conservation teams of the partnership come together and join forces on a project with big impact. Imagine an army of trained and equipped restoration specialist attacking a project in your parks, conservation areas, or nature areas.

Partnership Workforce Program

Illinois Association of Conservation District

 Send PWP proposals to:

 Shane Ravellette

 3939 Nearing Lane

 Decatur, IL 62525

Partnership Workforce Program